New Website and Virtual Tour

Not many people know this (as I never advertise the fact) but I also occasionally design and build websites for clients. I first designed Richard Gatenby's website about 10 years ago, so it was definitely time for an update, especially as so many people browse on mobile devices nowadays. We also took the opportunity to include a virtual tour of his very impressive practice. Richard is delighted with the new site, and I have to say I'm rather pleased with it myself!

You can visit the website by clicking here

New Wedding Brochure

I've just produced my new wedding brochure available as a download or as a printed brochure (just message me if you would like a printed copy). Very pleased with it. Hope you like it.

You can download a copy by clicking here

First video wins competition

One of the food supplements that Grace (my step furkid) uses, announced a video competition to win $500 worth of the product. I'd never made a properly filmed video before, but thought I'd have a go anyway and entered the competition. Rather pleased to say that we won first prize! Here's the result!

Never work with Animals?

They say never work with animals. I say, why ever not? This is the prototype of a 'fantasy' idea featuring Amazing Grace & Gromit from Both of them were amazing models!

Shropshire's Official Restaurant Photographer?

Over the last few years I've photographed the venue and/or food at most of the restaurants in and around Shrewsbury, including Drapers Hall Restaurant, The Lion + Pheasant, The Boat House, Cromwells, The Lion Hotel, The Smoke House, La Dolce Vita, Camellias, The Hayward Restaurant, The Prince Rupert Hotel, House of the Rising Sun, Henry Tudor House, The Masala, Barkworths Seafood, The Royalist, and The Pound at Leebotwood to name a few and it's always rewarding to see my photographs all over the place on web sites and publications! Today I've been commissioned to photograph The Loopy Shrew and Porter House restaurants. Beginning to think that I've unwittingly become Shrewsbury's and Shropshire's official restaurant photographer! Loving it! :-)